The World of Tomorrow, Today


By Bob Batch I hate to even think about it but I’m old enough to remember New York’s World’s Fair.  I was only a kid, but it took up so much space in the consciousness of everyone at the time, it was like the IPhone of it’s day, a major distraction from reality, that held [...]

The Legend of Rusty Kale

Bob Batch

By Bob Batch  I have a long history with that old tavern at the foot of ‘Fort Lee Hill’ on River road up at the north end of town.  It was right near our old school bus stop, and we’d sneak into buy cigarettes from the vending machine when we were young.  Years later I [...]

Happy Anniversary

Bob Batch

By Bob Batch Well, I have a mission this month instead of just the usual aimless rambling. (Don’t worry though; there’ll be plenty of that as usual).  I got a call recently from Rose Delaney (nee Taylor as they say in the society pages) and she told me that she’s looking for memorabilia for the [...]

Holiday Feastivities

Bob Batch

By Bob Batch Around this time of the year, ‘The Holidays’, which encompass about a month and a half of various religious and cultural observances these days, a big part of the celebration is food.  Stuffing ourselves with all kinds of food from traditional home made fare to stuff invented for tailgate parties at football [...]

Infinity and Beyond

Bob Batch

By Bob Batch It seems like every day there is some news on the internet sites about a new planet being discovered around some far away star.  Astronomers would have us believe they are looking out into the void and seeing these new worlds just the way the artist’s conceptions appear.  You almost forget that [...]

The View from Here

Bob Batch

By Bob Batch When I was a little boy the tallest building in the world was The Empire State Building.  I could look out my kitchen window down to the south across the river and see it jutting up above the other buildings in lower Manhattan.  The tallest building in the world! Being a kid [...]

On The Road Again

Bob Batch

By Bob Batch A couple of weeks ago I was watching a show on PBS in which Billy Connolly, the Scottish Comedian/Actor, travelled Route 66 the iconic highway to the West on a three wheeled motorcycle.  He stopped at many of the strange and interesting places along that road mining some humor from locations with [...]

The Bus to New York

Bob Batch

By Bob Batch Back in the days when I grew up in Edgewater there were no movies or shopping centers.  There were only stores that sold the essentials of life at that time, small grocery stores and Terminal Liquors, Edgewater’s most essential store. If you needed to buy things such as clothes or home décor [...]

Freedom to Make Up the Truth

Bob Batch

By Bob Batch I get a lot of crazy stuff in the mail.  A big percentage of the junk I get is about ‘revolutionary’ products that can extend your life, give you incredible energy and make you look years younger over night. A lot of these miracle cures are already popular and well known in [...]

Sick of Driving

Bob Batch

By Bob Batch Well, its summer again and in my fond memories of the past it meant taking to the road in sleek powerful cars with the windows rolled down and the radio blasting as we headed out on the inter-state for the beaches down at the Jersey Shore or across country on the never [...]