What’s The World Coming To?

Bob Batch

By Bob Batch There are times, no matter how optimistic you try to be, that you just have to wonder what will become of this world. There are some things that seem beyond the control of all our efforts to make the world right. We, all of us collectively, seem determined to follow a course [...]

Winter Passage by Bob Batch

Bob Batch

by Bob Batch This month I just want to remind you that it won’t be long before the winter is over even though it feels like it never will be. This is the time of year we need all kinds of distractions to take our minds off the ways the day plod along when the [...]

Slippin’ into the Twilight Zone By Bob Batch

Bob Batch

Well here we are in another new year counting the days all over again. This past New Year’s celebration I discovered that the only tradition I have any interest in any more is the Twilight Zone and Honeymooner’s marathons. Even after all these years I don’t know if I’m celebrating making it through the old [...]

Gall Bladder Puts Franz In Hospital


By Douglas E. Hall Borough Administrator Gregory S. Franz was unable to attend the Borough Council reorganization on Friday, Jan. 2, due to a gall bladder attack that resulted in emergency surgery, it was announced during the meeting. No further details were available at press time.

Miss Weaver and the Christmas Concerts

Bob Batch

By Bob Batch The holiday season brings back all those memories from years ago that switch our unconscious minds into automatic pilot for a flight to Imaginary Celebration Land. Even if you hate sitting in traffic, and practically wrestling your way through crowds of shoppers while the same old Christmas songs play endlessly over store [...]

The New Holidays

Bob Batch

By Bob Batch Well, now that summer is officially over, it’s time to start ‘The Holiday Season’.  Yes, we can’t wait for the ‘best time of the year’ to arrive, we’ve got to start preparing now.  Preparing for all the decorating, wrapping, planning, buying, spending, stress and hysteria.  Don’t forget the latest tradition that’s been [...]


Bob Batch

By Bob Batch They are only words, profanities, but they used to mean something and have an impact. It’s hard to imagine though, any ‘cuss’ word you could use anymore that would actually shock or embarrass anyone. Even ‘bad’ words that are still bleeped out on some TV channels are so obvious by the sound [...]

On The Old River Road

Bob Batch

By Bob Batch A couple of weeks ago I was in the car with my daughter Aly and her cousin Connor driving up from Moe’s Southwest Grill to the Outback to pick up my wife Bronagh and her sister after dinner.  The kids prefer that Americanized Tex-Mex food sometimes and I like the background music [...]

Back On The Map

Bob Batch

By Bob Batch When I went to grammar school in Edgewater we had to make a map of all the landmarks in and around our town.  Part of the exercise was to learn our way around the community, and, I suppose, to become aware that there was a world beyond the borders of Edgewater. We [...]

Save the World?

Bob Batch

By Bob Batch A long, long time ago when I was a kid growing up in Edgewater, there used to be paper drives.  Someone would go around to all the houses in town and collect old newspapers which they would sell in bulk to raise money for something like the Boy Scouts or some other [...]