Smokey Fire on Undercliff forces Two Families out of Duplex Homes

By Douglas E. Hall
A teen was taken to Englewood for treatment of smoke inhalation and minor burns after a fire broke out in his home at 446-448 Undercliff Avenue in the afternoon of Thursday, March 26. Two families had to vacate their homes as smoke billowed out of the roof and upstairs windows in the two-story structure on the west side of Undercliff near Hilliard Avenue.

Injured in the fire was Austin Serrano, who lived in the house with his two brothers and their mother Shaquia Serrano. A resident in the other home was Adam Vester.

Cliffside Park Firefighters assisted in fighting the fire and used their extension-ladder truck to put firemen on the roof of the circa 1920s building. The Fire Department was alerted shortly after the fire started because Fire Inspector Donald Jackson was checking out a building across the street from the site of the fire and he noticed smoke coming from that building.

A fire report blames an unattended candle that apparently fell igniting material near where it had been placed.

Two pet cats were also rescued from the fire and were given oxygen at the scene and were treated for smoke inhalation at Animal General at 725 River Road.

It was not known at press time if the residences could be repaired or if the building would be razed. After the fire was extinguished signs were placed on the building stating that it was not fit for habitation.

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