Edgewater’s New Mayor

U.S. Rep. William J. Pascrell Jr. administers the oath of office to Edgewater Mayor Michael J. McPartland as his daughters Paige, 15, and Jamisen, 11, hold the Bible upon which he is swearing.

By Douglas E. Hall
Michael J. McPartland, 51, who has never held elective office, but has been active in public affairs for much of his adult life here, was sworn into office on Friday, Jan. 2, as the borough reorganized for the New Year making several other changes including appointments of a new borough attorney and a new engineering firm. In another development, Councilman Kevin P. Doran tended his resignation effective Saturday, Jan. 3.

Mayor McPartland succeeds James Delaney, who resigned abruptly Dec. 15 with a year left to go in his term of office. Mayor McPartland will be required to seek election in November to continue for a full term of office.

Joseph R. Mariniello of the law firm of Mariniello & Mariniello of Fort Lee was appointed borough attorney, succeeding Philip Boggia of Ridgefield. Mr. Mariniello was retained at $79,977 plus $140 per hour for legal services outside of services covered by the retainer.

CME Associates, Consulting and Municipal Engineers. was named to succeed Neglia Engineering Associates of Lyndhurst. CME maintains five offices in south and central New Jersey.

Councilman Doran, in one of his last acts as a councilman voted “no” on both the appointments of Mr. Marinello and CME. After the reorganization meeting, Councilman Doran explained he thought Neglia was “moving in the right direction” on the remediation of Veteran’s Field and he thought Mr. Boggia was “a good guy.” Councilman Doran is planning to move his family to larger living quarters in Holmdel.

No doubt CME will have a major impact on what has been a troubled remediation of Veterans Field. Councilman Michael Henwood described CME as a “heavyweight” in its field. “We’re getting a new set of eyes to take a look at the town,” Henwood said.

Mayor McPartland described the priority to complete the remediation of Veterans Field as a “my passion in the next year.” While the mayor begins serving in his first elective office, he has in the past been a member of the Board of Adjusrment in the 1990s and also served on the Planning Board. “Over the past 20 years I’ve been a member of the Planning Board for at least ten of those years. He was also involved in the planning and development of the borough’s Community Center in the 1990s and he has served as a member of the recreation advisory board.

Public service runs in his family. He father, Michael James McPartland, served for many years on the police force, retiring as a lieutenant detective. His mother served for several years as borough clerk. Mayor McPartland was born in Edgewater and he says, “I have no intentions of ever leaving Edgewater.”

Looking to the future, Mayor McPartland sees a need for expansion of Edgewater’s ferry service to Manhattan with a second ferry stop in the south end of the borough. This ferry could accomodate commuters from new developments such as Edgewater Harbor, the Pearl, Infinity and the Alexander.

The mayor also plans to devote more time to the job of being mayor than has been expected of mayors of this borough. “I plan to be in the mayor’s office in the Borough Hall every day,” he said.

Mayor McPartland has had a business career on Wall Street, functioning for many years as a floor trader dealing in oil options for Citigroup’s Global Markets. He has won such respect in the financial world that he is a continuing special guest on the Fox Business cable show “Countdown to the Closing Bell” with Liz Calman. Viewers catch him on Wednesdays on this show from 3 to 4 p.m. If one searches the Fox Business web site one can view some of the mayor’s past appearances on the show.

As a youth, the mayor excelled in several sports, especially wrestling, for which he won a wrestling scholarship to the University of Maryland. “The discipline of sports has always helped me in life,” he says. He likes to recall advice his father gave him years ago, “Always finish the game.”

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