Democrats Open Campaign HQ for Nov. Election

By Douglas E. Hall

Rep. William J. Pascrell (D., Dist. 9), which includes Edgewater, was among the guests who were on hand for the opening of the local Democratic headquarters at 1064 River Road (west side of road across from 1111 Apartments) on Sunday, Sept. 21. The Congressman met with Borough Council candidates Michael Henwood and Luis Vidal, both of whom are seeking re-election. From left are Councilman Henwood, Rep. Pascrell and Councilman Vidal.

Rep. William J. Pascrell meets Mr. and Mts. Harold Henwood, (seated) parents of Councilman Michael Henwood, standing at left. Joining in the group is Councilman Luis Vidal, standing in Center. The gathering took place at the opening of the local Democratic headquarters at 1064River Road on Sunday, Sept. 21. Both councilmen are seeking reelection.

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