Local Dance Studio Marks First Year in the Borough

By Douglas E. Hall

More than 150 people including dancers, students and municipal leaders attended the Hudson Dance Studio’s one-year anniversary gala on October 12, at its riverfront location at the intersection of Route 5 and River Road.

Photo by Walter Milani

To commemorate the studio’s milestone, Borough Council President Vincent Monte, Edgewater Arts Council (EAC) President Lynne Grasz-Hall, and Edgewater Cultural and Historical Committee (EC&HC) chairman Douglas E. Hall, cut a red ribbon in an opening ceremony. Food was provided by the nearby and newly opened Santino’s, Italian restaurant on Route 5, and the neighboring Vitangelo’s, bakery that has served Edgewater for more than 20 years. Students and professional ballroom dancers entertained with a showcase of performances.  This was followed by attendees dancing to a live DJ.

Councilman Monte congratulated the studio and praised the staff for turning the space into “a vibrant place where Edgewater residents, both young and old, can be active and involved in dancing and the arts.”   Artistic Director and Owner, Jevgeni Davidov, thanked all the students who have become a part of the studio since its opening in September 2012. He said, “We couldn’t do this without your support and dedication to our team and to the art of dance.”

Ms. Grasz-Hall, after the ceremonies, commented, “The EAC embraces all forms of art, including dance, and we look forward to partnering with the Hudson Dance Studio on future projects.  We welcome their dance participation on the 23rd Annual Arts and Music Festival on Sunday, Sept. 14, 2014.”

Photo by Walter Milani

Mr. Hall expressed his enthusiasm for the success of the studio, pointing out that it has added “a new dimension to the diverse artistic culture of the community.”  He suggested that the studio provides the opportunity for a revival in dancing from teenagers to senior citizens.”  He expressed the hope that the presence of Hudson Dance Studio in the borough would permit the EC&HC to expand cultural activities to include dance in the future.

Highlights from the evening included an Argentine Tango group number choreographed by Mr. Davidov, 2013 Salon Winner of the Original USA Tango Championship, and danced to a live song performance by Lisa Kasdan, as well as a Salsa Rueda performance choreographed by Swing! Broadway star and “So You Think You Can Dance” contributor, Maria Torres. Professional dancers Anna Trukhan, 2012 Denmark Champion in Standard, and Ivan Troshhi, 2010 German Open Finalist, also danced a Quickstep that evoked excitement from the crowd.

The mission of Hudson Dance Studio is to revolutionize the world of social dance, make it popular, and add value to it. The instructors are international and US champions who teach both adults and children in Argentine Tango, Ballet, Ballroom and Latin, Hustle, Jazz, and Salsa. Both group classes and private lessons are available, as well as one-on-one coaching for competition. The studio also hosts dance parties and workshops taught by guest instructors and dance coaches from all over the world. More information can be found by visiting our website:  www.hudsondancestudio.com.

Hudson Dance Studio was created by husband and wife team Jevegeni and Kesenia Davidov, who were born in Russia and grew up in a German-Russian community in Germany.  They have blended their talents in the creation of Hudson Dance Studio, with Mr. Davidov as a professional award-winning dancer and Mrs. Davidov handing the business side of their enterprise.  They emigrated to the United States with the hope of establishing a dance studio in the New York area and after first settling in Hoboken selected Edgewater as having the perfect stimulating cultural mix to set up shop.

They provide a rich culturally diverse series of seasonal programs through the year including the Hudson Dance Studio’s second annual Halloween Dance Party, an afternoon of fun, games, food and prizes on Sunday, Oct. 27.

Photo by Walter Milani

Mr. Davidov, winner of the 1997 Russian Open Dance competition, has been dancing since he was six.    At that age, “my mother had a friend who had a daughter who wanted to dance.  I didn’t want to dance, but I tried it, liked it and I couldn’t stop.”  The Russian Open is a prestigious event where Mr. Davidov won out over 500 couples.  He was offered a scholarship by the Russian government to study dance in Germany and that it where he met the young woman who would become his wife.  While in Germany, Mr. Davidov competed in the German World Cup of Dance and was judged to be in the top five of contestants.  “Dance became my profession and I joined a German dance academy for three years.  I learned how to reach people and bring them to the next level, challenging children and adults.

Dance is still Mr. Davidov’s profession, although the emphasis seems to be on teaching now.  However, Mr. Davidov still enters competitions and he won the U.S. tango competition in New York in July and next year he is planning to enter the U.S. Open Tango Competition in San Francisco.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Davidov could not speak a word of English when they arrived in the United States, but they quickly mastered the English language, adding to their fluency in English, Russian and German.  Both express a love for this country.  “The people are so nice,” Mrs. Davidov says.   The dance studio is thriving with 95 children and 150 adults enrolled in a wide variety of dance instruction.

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