Contamination removal at Veterans Field on schedule

Dump truck dumps another load of contaminated soil on a pile in the southern end of Veterans Field, which will be removed from the site along with debris in foreground. Flag continues to fly as work continues. A portion of the George Washington Bridge can be seen at left. - Photo by Lynne M. Grasz Hall

By Douglas E. Hall

The $8 to $10 million remediation of Veterans Field is proceeding on schedule and is expected to be completed on time – Spring of 2013, according to borough officials.  Removal of contaminated soil is being piled at the southern end of the field to be taken away at a later date.

The remediation was ordered by the state’s Department of Environmental Protection after the borough applied for Green Acres funding and the state ordered a inspection to see if there was contamination of the field.  When contamination was discovered, the state ordered the field closed and roped  off to prevent its use.

Back hoe digger removes contaminated soil from Veteran’s Field, which will be replaced with certified clean soil. Drainage pipes to be installed in the field are stacked in the foreground. - Photo by Lynne M. Grasz Hall

Remediation plans were outlined at a special town meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 21, at the Community Center.  The need  for remediation came as a shock to the town because when new fill was placed on the field in 1986 the DEP signed off on the condition of this field.  The state agency in 2006 again said, “No further action” was needed at the field.  Explaining this at the town meeting was Ronald Doney of Terms Environmental Consultants.  When questioned about the change in DEP’s position, Mr. Doney said, “Standards change.”

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