Bob Batch: We Will Get Fooled Again

Remember that old ‘Who’ song where Roger Daltry screams, “We won’t get fooled again” over the strains of pulsing rock guitar?  It was almost an anthem for a generation that was going to change the world into a place where there was no war, inequality or senseless violence.  It looks like we settled for purposeful violence instead.

Bob Batch

Bob Batch

To be fair, the guy in the song says he “prays” we don’t get fooled again, and it is, in fact, a cynical piece because later in the song it says, “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss”.  Still, probably one of the first mistakes my generation made was getting a political education from rock stars.

At the time it seemed like a great idea to follow the idols of our generation down the path of mind expansion, meditation and free love.  It was very appealing to emulate the free lifestyle of the millionaire rock idol, but it loses some of the luster when you don’t have the millions.  After a while, it became apparent to most of us that these people were confused self- absorbed and self-indulgent, and they were not going to have the answers to all our problems.  But too late, all the tunes were stuck in our heads already!

In the meantime there were a legion of other forces conspiring to influence us in ways that we never imagined when we set out on our journey into this world.  There were mass marketing techniques developing, advertising gripped our very souls, banks and telecommunication companies became the masters of our lives, and politics distracted us from it all with empty promises of security and destiny.

Did you ever wonder how many commercial jingles you have stuck somewhere in your head?  And how many things have you bought that you really had no need for in the first place, or, for the packaging, or because it said it did something, or was something, that was absolutely not true?!

Every day armies of people are working at designing packaging, inventing hype, creating desire, and recycling the same old junk to sell as “New” and “Improved” and “Cutting edge”.  Because we have been told for so long that we can’t live without the newest thing, we now cannot live without the newest thing.  The latest phone that let’s you talk to the voices in your head, higher definition video so you can watch remakes of all the movies and T.V. shows ever made because we are all out of new ideas, and endless reality programs so you won’t switch to close circuit cameras hooked up in your neighbors house, which is what you really want to see!

I remember a time when banks were considered trustworthy institutions. They had to be, they were entrusted with your money and you relied on them to offer services that were above reproach.  Slowly, over the last couple of decades, banks have craftily maneuvered the entire population into what amounts to an irrevocable allegiance to automatic tellers, debit cards, and services that at first seemed to be fantastically convenient. But like drug pushers who initially offer their wares for free so that they can bleed you at a future time, all the banks, and phone companies, started putting fees and surcharges on their bills once they had you in their clutches.

You would think that with all the rules and regulations that are being written in the halls of government there would be some control over the excesses of institutions that so impact all our lives.  Unfortunately, the people who attain positions in government are probably worse than the guys who sell those cheesy products on infomercials.

Every year around election time I wonder why we can’t hook our candidates up to lie detectors while they are having those so called debates.  These people are supposed to be working for us, why can’t we really screen them before we hire them like big companies do when they hire us?  This is the only job left that you can get based solely on bull*&%#!

The only hitch with the lie detector idea is that most of these people believe their own lies and might pass anyway.  Still, I see these voice stress analyzers on T.V. shows that claim to detect when suspects are lying.  While on certain news stations they display a graph which registers a response of Democrats and Republicans while someone like the President is making a speech.  Why can’t they hook up the stress analyzer while the candidates make “Certain key statements?”  Wouldn’t it be helpful t know for sure whether a candidate is just saying stuff to get elected?  Aw, maybe not! People would probably vote for him/her anyway just for the way they look!  Maybe we just want to get fooled again!

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